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What we do


 We support fair trade principles, and aim to expand craft markets for global artisans in an ethical and humane manner, paying fair prices with concern for the environment. 

Currently we are  working with artisans in the Democratic Republic of Congo. By hiring them as our employees to promote and sell their products. 




Economic development is only the first step in the kitokos. 

Hand work of the people philosophy of social change. 

When a woman is able to earn a living and feed her family, her worth within the family increases significantly.   

Developing Leadership for Social Change is our central goal. As the women become empowered economically, socially, and they grow to be leaders.  Improve the quality of life for their families and communities.   

Kitoko's model includes many opportunities for learning and experience related to running a business. By organizing and managing their own cooperatives, the artisans learn about design, production, quality control, and finances.   

Other programs are platforms for personal development which will help the artisans to reach their full potential. Programs are designed and managed by the women.  

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