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The DRC is located in Central Africa. It is bordered by nine countries including; South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi. Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.  The DRC has less than 3% arable land as jungle dominates the region creating obstacles for agriculture, transportation and communication.


Present- day Congo was settled by the migrating Bantu people of Nigeria and Cameroon in the 7th century. It was a society centered of agriculture and the copper trade. In 1960 the Republic of Congo gains independence from Belgium, Patrice Lumumba, a leader of the Congolese independence movement, becomes the Prime Minister and Patrice Lumumba was assassinated 1961

1965 Mobutu Sese Seko overthrows the government, establishes authoritarian rule, and renames the country Zaire. His rule is characterized by corruption and gross human rights violations. Mobutu ruled until 1997 when Laurent Kabila assumed power. Kabila led an army of Congolese from the eastern part of the country to the capital Kinshasa. Laurent was assassinated January 18, 2001. 

Joseph Kabila son of Laurent took his father's place and leads the DRC unto 2019. The transitions were not easy, Millions of lives were lost as a consequence of civil conflict. The majority of deaths were attributed to widespread famine and disease. 

Neighboring countries have rarely help the best of intentions and continue to support rebel factions, who illegally extract Congo's natural resources, including: cobalt, cooper, petroleum, diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, uranium and coal. Rape is a malicious weapon of war which has made DRC one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman. 

In 2013, the DRC was listed 186 out of 187 countries on the World Bank Human Development Index. Most of the country is deprived of security, healthcare, education and ecomomic opportunity. 

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